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November 10, 2017
Book´em Direct
November 10, 2017

Upon calling into the 800 number, I was immediately connected to a native English-speaking agent that was polite and knowledgeable. There was no hard sell involved and he was able to answer all of my questions. The company offers two prices points of $10 for Internet only players and $13 for players also using the call center. RNG casino action is available and is included in the price of the sports betting. The company also offers separate poker action, but a post up must be made for the players to be able to play in the poker room. Agents are paid a commission on the rake the player generates.

Bookies can request a customer URL and website for a onetime fee of $100. However, if you leave their service, the site is forfeited. They also have a standard URL for players, http://www.1betvegas.com. The software platform is DGS and easy for both players and agents to manipulate.

A deposit of $500 is required to start and can be made via Western Union or Money Gram. Site will refund all fees incurred if the deposit made is $300 or more.

As an agent, you will have direct control over your lines. If you change a line, you can do a hard or soft shade. In other words, you can set a line in stone and it will never move or you can set so that after you set your line, it will keep that variable based on the sites lines. For instance, on a soft shade, you would change a -6 to -6.5. If the site line goes to -6.5, your line would move to -7. On a hard shade, your line would never move from the -6.5 line you set.

Overall, I was pretty happy and feel relatively confident in this company. The price is attractive and they offer plenty of features for both the bookie and the player. The one thing that would hold this company back from being a top rated site is the lack of a live casino. There are a couple of options a bit more complete, but this appears to be one of the better sites for PPH services.
  • Price per player over the Internet? $10.
  • Price per player over the phone? $13.
  • Price for regular casino? included.
  • Price for Live Casino? Exploring for future.
  • Price for Poker? Yes, players must post.
  • What sports betting software do they use? DGS, will also have ASI in future.
  • Credit card processing for agents to pay? No.
  • Free custom website? $100, forfeit site if move.
  • How much initial deposit? $500, Western Union or Money Gram $300.
  • Agent lines control? Yes.
  • What is the website for players? http://www.1betvegas.com.
  • How many years in business? 12 years.

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