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November 9, 2017
Pay per Head
November 10, 2017

It appears as though the initial call in number is actually the call center. However, the agent who answered was able to get us into contact with the sales team rather quickly. An ex-pat American then answered the phone and was very helpful.

The company charges $18 (price based on 20-25 players) for Internet players only, this does not include the casino. They also have a program that includes a $2 discount if players are active, so the cost could actually be as low as $16 per head. Phone players will also have access to Internet accounts for $22 per player, but there is no discount once they use the call center.

The site does not offer a live a casino at this time, but they are looking to add one in the future if they can find programming with a reasonable commission rate. At this time, they are offering an RNG casino, but it is a partnership based on a 5% commission. It seems as though this may be more beneficial to the agent, but I recommend calling into the site for an exact explanation so you are fully aware of the terms.

As with most other sites we called, this company uses DGS software. The company does offer a customized website, but there is a $40 monthly fee. However, if you move your book to another company that supports DGS software, you can take the domain and website with you for no fee.

If your players are using one of the company provided websites, there are several options available. They offer multiple URLs that look like nothing more than a sports ticker for your players wishing to be more discreet, as well as standard betting URL with all the flash and glitz of an online sportsbook. A sample of the interface is available at

There is an initial deposit of at least $200 required, based on your starting number of players. While the company only accepts Western Union and Money Gram, they do allow a sports agent to go into the red for a maximum of two weeks play before they shut down the account. They will attempt to reach you so you can re deposit and have your balance back in the black again if you do not automatically take of it on your own. This is a benefit we found few other sites offering that only accept these payment methods. It is not quite as convenient as a credit card, but the cushion should give you peace of mind.

They do allow agents to control their own lines, but they also have several different line options from which the agent can choose. For instance, they have a "sharp line" option for agents who have sharper players. As it was explained, this is a better option for agents who have players betting underdogs most of the time, as that is where the bulk of the "inside" types of players will bet. Again, ask for a full explanation upon calling so you are more familiar with how this system works.

This PPH is actually an offshoot of Giant Sports, a name that has been in the sports betting industry for many years. The PPH itself has been in business for about five years. Customer service was very good and the reputation of the company is also very good. There are a few features we were not head over heels with, but you can rank this company among the better in the industry.

  • Price per player over the Internet? $18-$2 credit possible with active players.
  • Price per player over the phone? $22.
  • Price for regular casino? 5% partners.
  • Price for Live Casino? No, but discussing it.
  • Price for Poker? No poker available.
  • What sports betting software do they use? DGS.
  • Credit card processing for agents to pay? No.
  • Free custom website? $40 per month for website from basic templates, can modify, yours when you leave. Compatible with all DGS systems.
  • How much initial deposit? Negative allowed up to two weeks. Western Union or Money Gram, minimum of $200 deposit. Will contact you, based on players. One week free to adjust players.
  • Agent lines control? Can control your own lines.
  • What is the website for players? Several sites available depending upon the graphics you want.
  • How many years in business? Five years for PPH, over 15 years..Giant Sports.

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