About Us

As with anything, you learn by your mistakes. I had done a quick search online and signed up with a cheap price per head service and got exactly what I paid for, which was not much. While I had moved my business to the Internet, it was more complicated and frustrating for the players. I did not have the access I needed to run my business properly and my players did not have all the features they wanted and had with the major online sportsbooks.

It was at this time that I realized I need to properly research every PPH in the business and find one at a reasonable price that could offer everything sites like BoDog and VIP (no longer in business) offered their players. I have to say, after long hours of research, the pool of true all-in-one PPH sites was very slim. I also quickly learned that not everything they said on the site was true. In most cases, it was a bait and switch and the prices were significantly more than quoted on the website.

In creating this site, my goal is to help you avoid the mistakes I made when first migrating my local bookie business over to a pay per head service. I have tried to give as honest an evaluation as I possibly could for all of the major PPH services you can find online. There are bargain services that offer the bare bones and there are services that will allow you to offer your players everything the major online sportsbooks offer their players.

I cannot make the decision for you and I encourage you to call these services yourself before making a decision. This is a big move for your business and you need to have confidence in the service and completely understand how the service works. My last word of advice is that if you cannot get a sample account and at least one free week to get your players lined up and ready to go, run the other way! Other than that, good luck in your search and I hope you have the same success with your operation as I did with mine once I started using an offshore PPH service.