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November 10, 2017
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November 10, 2017

First contact agent was not able to answer questions, but she immediately put a sales person on the phone that was very polite and knowledgeable regarding the services available. The website has several pages of information, but there was no pricing available. This is generally a cause for concern as it means the site does not have a locked in price. As we have for every review, we gave them an initial count of 20-25 players to base our pricing and services.

Pricing for this amount of players was $13 for phone only, $18 for phone and Internet service and a fee of $20 per player for anyone using all three outlets (meaning casino action). However, my agent also informed me they have packages available at different price points for players using only Internet and casino as well as other combinations. They seem willing to work with you on the price so you are not being overbilled for players that are not utilizing all services.

The site does have a RNG casino, but is also looking to add live casino software in the near future. They do not have poker available. I was informed that they were looking to add it, but there was some resistance since the players would have to post up more money. Since the poker is an add on, it is pretty standard, but apparently bookies were having issues with the players since they could not transfer their money from the book to the poker room. For that reason, they do not offer it at this time to avoid complaints.

There is no credit card payment available for agent payments, but they do accept Money Gram and Western Union. The company requires a $1,000 deposit, of which your weekly fees will be deducted. The amount required is a bit high, but the agent explained it is so that your account does not run below the weekly fee. It gives you more than enough of a cushion to reload when you see the balance running low.

The site offers a free custom website, but this is not completely true. While they will host the site and provide a customer URL and template for the website, they also charge a $99 yearly fee for maintenance. Not a large sum of money, but this should be posted on the site and not touted as completely free.

The software used from DGs is easy to navigate and on par with what we have seen from other sites. Agents have the opportunity to check both the betting platform as well as the agent platform and they welcome you to offer the account for the test use of your players to see if they will like the software as well. While agents do have line control if they wish, the site will no longer be responsible for line moves once you manually adjust the line. If you move it, you must continue to monitor it from that point forward.

Overall, not a bad site and in the upper echelon of the services we have called for politeness and customer service. We were a little disappointed regarding the fee for the supposedly free website, but the service seemed to be true to everything else it claimed on its website.

  • Price per player over the Internet? $13 per week
  • Price per player over the phone? $18 per week
  • Price for regular casino? $20 and Internet and phone betting services are included.
  • Price for Live Casino? No live, but regular casino available. Live is coming soon.
  • Price for Poker? Poker not available.
  • What sports betting software do they use? DGS software
  • Credit card processing for agents to pay? Money Gram or Western Union
  • Free custom website? $99 fee per year
  • How much initial deposit? $1,000, deducted weekly fees
  • Agent lines control? Yes, can adjust lines, but you are responsible for the line moves.
  • What is the website for players?
  • How many years in business? Over 14 years.

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