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November 9, 2017
November 9, 2017

Initially when we called PerHead we had a good impression. Phones quality was clear and we quickly got the sales rep who speak fast & good English. First we were asked about how did we hear about them. After telling the sales rep Google, we were also asked for the keywords, it became a bit intrusive but not a deal breaker. Keep in mind that we did find this company via Google paid ads on the sidebar of the search engine where we also heard and confirmed that they were also promoting their own PPH review website call - Clearly promoting their own PPH site as the top rated provider is clever.

When we started negotiating the price per player we noticed that was not $10 per player like they were advertising. We told the agent we had a book of approximately 20-30 players and were quoted a price of $15 for Internet players and $20 for players using the call center. At this time we inquired about a trial period to use the software and call center to see if we liked it and were told there was no free trial period was not offered. Not having the ability of to use a free trial is a major concern. With so much money at stake, we would really have liked the ability to get in there and test drive the lines to make sure we liked it. Putting $800 on the table is a large commitment for something you have not even seen. This is the kind PPH shop that will probably cut your players a second after you get into the negative so watch out for that. Some other out there give you the chance remain in the negative for a few days.

Their site is and the backup is which is an exact copy of beteagle so you can't really choose from a list of different skins or designs, they are all the same. The service agent informed me that while you can use your own URL, they would have to approve it to ensure it is not offensive. While these are touted as custom websites, the selection was a bit limited.

The overall is good, been around for years but they seem to believe that they are the gods in the industry. I rather use a more confidential/discrete PPH than one that brags about been featured in The New York Times or associated with mafia in the state of New Jersey. Too much attention is definitely not good in this industry.

  • Price per player over the Internet? 13.
  • Price per player over the phone? If they have call center 20
  • Price for regular casino? no.
  • Price for Live Casino? If any no.
  • Price for Poker? if any no.
  • What sports betting software do they use?
  • Credit card processing for agents to pay? MG WU no reimbursed.
  • Free custom website? yes.
  • How much initial deposit? NO WEEK FREE.
  • Agent lines control? min 800 initial.
  • What is the website for players? beteagle.
  • How many years in business 10+.
  • Viet or Chinese? NO spoken, sites translated.

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