Real Price per Head

Price per Head
November 9, 2017

When I called in, I was immediately put in contact with the agent that was able to answer all of my questions. He was knowledgeable and very polite. The gentleman was well versed on every aspect of the business.

RPPH offers a price point of $12 for Internet only and $18 for phone service. Casino and poker action are included in the price with a commissions off the rake or player loss. The software package itself is very impressive and quite unique from many of the other services we checked out. The agent page has more reports than any other site we tested.

One major benefit this site offers that we did not find with any other site is the fact that it does offer credit card deposits. For the agent, this means you will never go into the red and risk having your account shut off. Billing is discreet, so agents do not need to be worried in regard to their statements.

This is also one of the few sites offering a free week up front for service. This is important as it will take this long to get the players situated and comfortable with the new format. If you choose to have your own URL and website, it is completely free. Agents can also choose from one of the many sites available under the RPPH umbrella. The sample site we tested was

There are two additional features I absolutely loved about RPPH. The first is the internal messaging system that is available. Bookies and players can exchange messages on the RPPH network without involving an outside email service. As we all know, in this business, being discreet is extremely important. The second feature that really stuck out was the ability to offer players bonuses. We did not see this at any other PPH we tested.

Why is the bonus feature so important? Because it allows you to offer one of the main perks players see from the major online sportsbooks. Sign up and reload bonuses play a major part in player retention and if the local bookie wants to compete, they must be able to offer their players this type of feature.

Overall, RPPH takes top honors as the best pay per head service available. While there are some cheaper services, the available features simply do not compare to what this company brings to the table. During several phone calls we heard, "You get what you pay for." Well, nobody is giving you more for your money than Real Price Per Head.

  • Price per player over the Internet? $12.
  • Price per player over the phone? $18.
  • Price for regular casino? 5%.
  • Price for Live Casino? 20%.
  • Price for Poker? 20% of the rake.
  • What sports betting software do they use? Custom software package.
  • Credit card processing for agents to pay? Yes, as well as Western Union and Money Gram.
  • Free custom website? Yes, available for free and can leave with site.
  • How much initial deposit? $150, first week free.
  • Agent lines control? Yes.
  • What is the website for players?
  • How many years in business? Over 12 years.

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