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November 10, 2017
Discount Price per Head
November 10, 2017

In my first attempt to reach the site, I was put on hold for about two minutes, transferred, and then disconnected. I immediately called back and the same thing happened. On my third call, after being put on hold again, I was finally transferred to the proper agent. Not sure if this was a miscommunication or simply an ill-functioning phone system, but it was a bit aggravating nonetheless. When we did finally reach an agent, she was polite and helpful.

At 20-25 starting players, the Internet price is $10 and $15 for phone service. That fee will allow players to have access to poker as well as the live and RNG casinos. However, the company will also take 10 percent of RNG losses and 15 percent of any live casino losses. If the players win, there is no commission charged. A bonus feature for this site is that players are able to transfer a portion of their balance from the sportsbook to the poker room without having to provide an additional stake.

Everything sounded great to this point, but we do have some concerns. The agent would not tell us what site the players use other than to say it is an ASI site. I generally like to get access to a test site so we can play around in the account, but not having that option is a definite turnoff as a perspective client.

While the company does offer a free website for anyone with 20 or more players, you will lose the URL and the website if your service is terminated. This could cause a problem for some clients if they do not like the software or platform appearance once they are up and running.

A deposit of $500 is required to get your account started. They do not accept credit cards, but have Western Union as well as various delivery services for money order deposits.

We would have to rate this service right around the middle of the pack. While it does have some attractive features, there are enough concerns here not have this as our first choice, specifically the inability to have a test account before signing on a client. I am also not thrilled with the fact that we lose our URL if we decide to terminate service. This would not be such a big deal if we were able to get in there and check out the site prior to making a deposit, but is a big risk with that requirement.

  • Price per player over the Internet? $10 online
  • Price per player over the phone? $15 phone
  • Price for regular casino? 10%
  • Price for Live Casino? 15%
  • Price for Poker? Yes, players transfer
  • What sports betting software do they use? ASI
  • Credit card processing for agents to pay? Western Union, FedEX, UPS, for money order deposit
  • Free custom website? 20 players minimum required
  • How much initial deposit? $500
  • Agent lines control? both
  • What is the website for players? Will not give out until signed up for service
  • How many years in business? Over ten years

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